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 About  Blair

Creating a product that is durable, long-lasting, ethically made, and sustainable, while still being fashion-forward and colorful is our top priority. Blair Mead Designs aims to improve our earth, the workplace, and people’s closets, one piece at a time.

The Blair Mead Promise:

Hello, I'm Blair Mead! I first began drawing on notepads as a distraction from my studies while an undergraduate at Georgetown University in the 90's. The sketches eventually gave way to colorful drawings which evolved into paintings and murals. In the early 2000s, I became interested in transferring my art onto fabrics. Digital textile printing was an emerging technology at the time, and it was quickly becoming available to amateur artists like myself.  It was also more sustainable; the process uses low impact dyes that are more eco-friendly than traditional forms of printing. Creating a sustainable brand was, and remains, a priority for me.

I eventually taught myself how to sew, and it was at this point that I learned to merge my love of fashion with my passion for art, textiles, and the environment.  I started designing clothes and accessories for friends and family members. The feedback they gave me was very encouraging. It gave me confidence to start my own business.  In 2017, I established Blair Mead Designs as a full time operation dedicated to creating a unique line of accessories and apparel for women that came with a "greener" message. In a world where the throw away closet has dominated the fashion industry for so long, I found myself striving to do something different: to create a product that is durable and long-lasting; ethically made; and sustainable. My line is not only about artistic expression,but also setting a new standard for the future of fashion. A greener, better experience.

We aim to be a leader in the sustainable fashion movement for years to come by incorporating our values into the work we do.

  • Every employee earns a living wage. 

  • All materials are ethically sourced in the USA.

  • Every item is produced using sustainable manufacturing practices right here in America. 

  • We incorporate sustainable and ethical practices into the work we do everyday. 


Our Process

At Blair Mead Designs, all of our prints are hand drawn then printed onto fabrics using the digital printing process, which is a more sustainable practice than the traditional screen printing method. It saves billions of liters of water worldwide. The printing ink we use is eco-friendly and OEKO-TEX Certified.


Meet the Team

Yifan Wang

Yifan was born in China and moved to the US in 2013. She's had a passion for drawing since she was young. That passion has now transferred into fashion. As a graduate of Kent State of Fashion, Yifan is aware of the unethical practices that cause pollution and unfair labor and joined Team Blair Mead to make fashion more ethical and sustainable.

Get in Touch With Us

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Our Location

Office Address:

1902 Cherry St

Erie, PA 16502

Phone: (814)-460-8107


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